Mudra chains are handmade from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is carefully selected, polished, and designed in-house to the most smooth free flow exacting standards.


A versatile bracelet for active wear, can be play when open or closed.

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Polished findings significantly impact the overall look and feel of the Mudra Chain.


The perfect Phone Strap for anyone looking to add a touch of mindfulness to their daily phone usage.

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The ruler of prayer beads for centuries, the ultimate fidgeting tool.

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The special knotting technique requires more patience and skills while crafting.


A unique fidgeting tool that helps reduce daily stress and encourages a healthier lifestyle

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Our wire is strong enough to handle even the most intricate designs.


A beaded string for an engaging counting experience and a satisfying flip-flop sensation.

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