My Mudra Chain

 I have always been fascinated by my grandfather's misbaha since my childhood. i'll never forget how he never forgot to take it with him everywhere.

Years have passed and I reached my 40s, I started to see all these Chinese-made fidget toys like the fidget cube, spinner, slime, and pop it, but they all seemed disposable to me and usually abandoned after a short time.

I realized that prayer beads have been used throughout history, but in the modern Western world, they have been somewhat forgotten. It may be considered superstitious, but in many countries, they are still used as a playful and fun tool to improve one's life through healthy movement.

Mudra Chain's prayer beads are incredibly durable and it took me more than five years to develop a design that would long lasting. That's why I offer a five-year warranty on our product.
It's a gift that will be passed down to your grandchildren.


Our core values of life and business are aligned:

We show respect by recognizing the worth of all individuals and things, and by being courteous and appreciative.

Love and peace are interconnected, we practice unconditional love.

We value the efforts of ourselves and others equally.



Aviran Shahino | Founder and Designer






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