What is mouse arms syndrome?

If you use the computer or cell phone a lot, you may have noticed that your hands and wrist don’t like that so much. Long use will make some issues over the years and can make a really bad problem which causes some weird clicking and popping and instability in the wrists.

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When we think of pain we think of muscle pain of professionals workers and injuries, we also think about people who make hard physical work.
In this age of technology, however, there are many others are suffering from severe pain. more and more computer users are suffering from hand and wrist complaints caused by extended use of regular computers.
Research into this issue was done by Erasmus University in the Netherlands who identified several key causes of these complaints. One example is gripping and pinching off the regular mouse while holding it but a standard mouse is often too small for the hand.
This can cause tension and pain as far away from the shoulders and neck. another common cause is what we call hovering when the person's fingers hover above the mouse buttons to prevent Inadvertent clicking.

these create tension on fingers and arm muscles which can again cause pain, all the way up to the neck.
Vertical mouse forces the hand into an upright position, the two major bones of the arm Are then parallel to one another, This causes serious muscle strain and may lead to RSI.

Always consider the length of the time you working in one position Or doing repetitive tasks. forearm pain can be a stabbing pain in the forearm or could be a dull throbbing pain rather like A nagging toothache. wrist and hand pain can be swirling tendency and shooting hand pain There is a strong link between what the hands are doing in pain experienced in the forearm.
the same principles are a good use work habit apply while your working on your desktop A laptop or a mobile device.
Recognize whats your poor movement patterns in the workplace that cause pain and discomfort. Use all provided methods for you to change this movement pattern and get rid of your pain.

The best way to prevent mouse arm syndrome

 Most doctors will recommend to Increase muscle strength so you can  prevent computer elbow from occurring in the first place or recurring in the future.

MUDRA CHAIN suggests a basic and fun practice that can help you reduce these symptoms to improve your hand's flexibility and strengthen the muscles.

a good tutorial for right working on desktop