The Ultimate fidgeting Partner

Fidgeting is a natural response to stress, anxiety, or boredom.

When we are stressed the body is elevating levels of stress hormones which are prepping the muscles for sudden exertion that usually appear as minor repetitive body movements. 

If we Look around will probably see people bouncing their legs up and down, turning pens over and over in their hands, chewing on things, sucking on their lower lips and pulling bits of their beard out – seemingly completely unconsciously.

Teeth grinding, Nails Biting, Legs giggling, etc. are all with the same purpose of taking out stress from the body. 

Fidgeting could provide physiological stimulation to bring our attention and energy to a level that allows our minds to better focus on the task at hand. 

Mudra chain suggests you with taking that energy to a healthier lifestyle. The main purpose of the chain is to stimulate your hands and start a movement, while your hands get used to the pleasant feeling of the beads, a therapy treatment immediately occur.

Mudra chains are unique redesigns of the authentic prayer beads (worry beads), specially built for smoothness and 

free flow feeling, what makes it the ultimate fidgeting partner.

Several models in a variety of styles developed for the different purposes of treatments and play habit. 

  • Hands & body massage
  • Count & memorize 
  • Flip flap techniques 
  • Spinner therapy 
  • Fingers stretch

The result leads to 

  • High self-awareness 
  • Better blood circulation
  • Improves coordination & motor skills 
  • Increase brain function & memory 
  • Prevents arthritis & reduce joints pain 

Explore our recommendations for a simple daily self-therapy at the exercises page, furthermore, invent your own game in order to achieve body & mind balance.

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