If you're not for yourself, Who will for you?


Stress is the leading cause of mental and physical problems.

Motion to Emotion

A healthy motion can be either external or internal just as long as we find the time to take care of ourselves it will lead to a balance between our body and mind.
In order to obtain self-therapy, a person first needs to understand why, how and what he needs..?

Let's take for example a person who's signed up for a yoga class. He's very happy about the new change and attending class twice a week, learning, practicing, meeting new people and new ideas, motivate by the new change to keep the desirable relaxing feeling.

But what if the class on someday will cancel..? Will he still open the yoga mat and practice at home...?

The same goes with taking care of ourselves during the day. Stand up straight, press your toes and root to the ground, think positive, make some breathing exercises are all just suggestions that are hovering across our mind, but most of the time does not become a real movement.

we need a guide to show us the way and helps us take the action. the guide can be a person, software or a simple tool, just as long as there is a stimulating trigger a movement can be easily achieved.

No chemicals better therapy

While nowadays ways of treatment seem to be handled by the capsule, humans constantly seek and gain more experience and awareness concedes that without healthful movement, one healthy body cannot sustain.


  • Teeth grinding & jaws clenching
  • Legs giggling & fingers tapping 
  • Nails Biting & hair twisting
  • Smoking & eating disorder
  • Smartphone addiction
  • Short breathing
Those behavioral symptoms Not only common by personalities with disorders but also among most individuals.

Ultimate Fidgeting Partner

Many people find that a fidgeting toy is a good trigger to generate awareness. fidget toys are fun and a great way to stimulate our body and mind, they shove away the negative thoughts and numbing feeling furthermore generating active breathing. A proactive tool.

Dr. Orly Yazdi-Ogev, the director of the Center for Diagnosis of Therapy and Training in the Advancement of Learning and Motivation explains "Fine motor skills" , "is a complex of movement skills that require control of small groups of muscles that work to achieve movement precision and eye coordination. Usually, only certain parts of the body (palm and fingers) work in a limited area to carry out the motor response.