8 simple examples of useful Mudra massages

massage the fingers and joints
 Mudra chain massage therapy double ring massaging
pressing one hand against each other
 Mudra chain massage therapy Stretch all fingers
Stretch all finger joints 
 Mudra chain massage therapy Stretch all fingers and joints
pressure points with massage 
 counting two beads


massage wrist and palm with beads                          Mudra chain massage therapy

massaging wrist and palms 

NOTE FOR ALL EXERCISE: Do not continue if experience any pain!

  • Rudraksha beads

    Stainless steel beads featuring an exquisite grid pattern inspired by authentic rudraksha seeds.

    These beads are meticulously crafted to resemble the sacred mala.

    Rudraksha Grid Beads 
  • Straight Line Beads

    Stainless steel beads featuring a sleek straight-line pattern. Elevate your jewelry creations with a touch of sophisticated style that transcends trends and embraces enduring beauty.

    Straight Line Grid 
  • Oblique Line Beads

    modern sophistication stainless steel beads designed in an alluring oblique grid pattern.

    Oblique Line Grid