What activities develop fine motor skills?


Improve and develop fine motor skill


We all want to ensure that the learning process will be done in the fastest and most efficient manner, especially in terms of motor and cognitive abilities. Meet Mudra chain the effective action that will improve your motor skills, with an emphasis on fine motor skills and also provide you with enjoyment.

 Dr. Orly Yazdi-Ogev, the director of the Center for Diagnosis of Therapy and Training in the Advancement of Learning and Motivation explains "Fine motor skills" , "is a complex of movement skills that require control of small groups of muscles that work to achieve movement precision and eye coordination. Usually, only certain parts of the body (palm and fingers) work in a limited area to carry out the motor response. 

 We specially crafted the Mudra Chain a super strong with extra smooth bead chain, each one is unique. They are specially made with different colors and different number of beads for you to exerciseall day long 

explained in our practice page, so you can benefit your 
health anywhere and at any time.

our collection 2018 

  • Rudraksha beads

    Stainless steel beads featuring an exquisite grid pattern inspired by authentic rudraksha seeds.

    These beads are meticulously crafted to resemble the sacred mala.

    Rudraksha Grid Beads 
  • Straight Line Beads

    Stainless steel beads featuring a sleek straight-line pattern. Elevate your jewelry creations with a touch of sophisticated style that transcends trends and embraces enduring beauty.

    Straight Line Grid 
  • Oblique Line Beads

    modern sophistication stainless steel beads designed in an alluring oblique grid pattern.

    Oblique Line Grid