beneficial hand and finger movement

Multi beaded chains suggests an alternative satisfying anti-stress therapy by stimulating the hands and fingers to play beneficial healthy movements that help facilitate the flow of breathing, reduce behavioral fidgeting issues, obtain high concentration and generally keeping a calm routine.



Tailed mudra with knife closure(optional), Suitable both for counting and long rope for flip-flops that can be worn as a beautiful bracelet.

Play: count | massage | stretch | flip-flops

Basic info:

The secret bracelet was originally designed 4 people to help them carry their Begleri on their hands and never lose their favorite toy ever again.

The Sikh bracelet is a great way to play counting with a multi-beaded line when open and closed chain. Basic flip-flops tricks can be easily performed. 

The first chains were originally designed with 8mm beads but as fashion changed and the great feedback from our clients the 6mm bracelet entered the new catalog in 2019. 

Sikh bracelet come with the option to change the closure to T instead of the knife. 





One line multi beaded string with two heavy ends for a challenging counting and a perfect flip flap experience.

Play: count | massage | stretch | flip-flops 

Basic info

Sisqa is a simple skill toy that is manipulated with the fingers of one or both hands to perform tricks and patterns, or simply to calm the time.  

Mudra chain's sisqa were designed to be simple and basic, yet highly playable and therapeutic. sisqa chain which usually crafted from a minimum of 15 beads makes it fitfully or partially inside the inner palm.

The delicate link between the greek "Begleri" and the Turki "Tesbih" makes the sisqa chain a unique flip flap experience, smooth massaging tool, and a challenging counting.



A classic balanced that fits perfectly with repeated counting 

Play: count | massage | stretch | spinner

Basic info

Inspired by the Japanese "Shinto" the royal mudra chain stands out no less than as jewelry and as a discreet personal statement. 

The small closed chain usually contains 23 beads and fits perfectly for counting one or two beads and may also perform some flip flap techniques. 

A stainless steel heavy-duty swivel makes the royal mudra chain a perfect spinner therapy, that with the right moves can be spinning for more than one minute.  



Re-creation of the authentic 27 beads mala combining a centered heavy bead. 

Play: Counting | Massage | Stretch | Spinner | Flip Flap

Basic info

Some Hindu traditions hold that using mala considered to be a sacred formula and a deeply personal ritual that helps restrain the ego, the greatest impediment to self-realization. 

An authentic daily use beaded rope usually contains 27 beads which make counting more ritualistic and meditative. 

The guru bead is 14 Gr(1/2 Oz) what makes mudra chain's mala a better proactive tool that will strengthen the hands furthermore improve minor fingers movements coordination. 



Hi power version suitable for deeper massage both for palms, fingers, and feet(reflexology)

Play: Counting | Massage | Stretch | Spinner | Flip-Flops

The dragon mudra contains a big glass ball that let's let you increase tension points contain a high-density swivel which let you enjoy spinner therapy on two sides of the chain.

 It is extremely strong and smooth to ensure a unique way to play your daily stress away.