Mudra Chain Therapy


More than once, we experience unpleasant pain that attacks in
various areas of the body, with the most common solution that comes
to mind is the appointment of the family doctor, at the end of which we will probably receive a recommendation for pain pills.
Therefore, you should know the wonderful and natural way to
relieve pain, Mudra Chain ancient medicine has proven
its effectiveness more than once.

We all want to ensure that the learning process will be done in the fastest and most efficient manner, especially in terms of motor and cognitive abilities. Meet Mudra chain the effective activity that will improve your motor skills, with an emphasis on fine motor skills and also provide you with enjoyment.

 Dr. Orly Yazdi-Ogev, the director of the Center for Diagnosis of Therapy and Training in the Advancement of Learning and Motivation explains "Fine motor skills" , "is a complex of movement skills that require control of small groups of muscles that work to achieve movement precision and eye coordination. Usually, only certain parts of the body (palm and fingers) work in a limited area to carry out the motor response. 

 We specially crafted the Mudra Chain a super strong with extra smooth bead chain, it’s a recreation of the authentic prayer beads (worry beads) that is used for generations in many cultures.

They are specially made with different colors and different number of beads for you to play all day long.

Massage and stretching will immediately relief pain, stimulate endorphins, improve your mood and increase productivity.

Fidgeting is a great way to relief anxiety and boredom. Anxiety occurs when the body has elevated levels of stress hormones, which are prepping your muscles for sudden exertion. ... With Mudra Chain you can spin ,count and play around, it will give your brain something to focus on and Boredom and anxiety will fade away.

Reflexology and acupressure methods work on the same principles.  With Mudra massage treatment, there is no need for needles but only in the palms of your hands. All you have to do is massage certain places in your hands
as explained in our practice page, so you can ease the pain and benefit your
health anywhere and at any time.

The squeezing and pulling also flushes lactic acid from the muscles
and improves the circulation of the lymph fluid which carries
metabolic waste away from muscles and internal organs, resulting
in lower blood pressure and improved body function.
Improved blood circulation is just one more benefit of Mudra massage 

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