Play with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Anxiety


How can you stop having the thoughts that you don't want to be having? 

How long have you been trying?

If you have been trying to control them, you know it's impossible!! because the answer is you can't!!!

Trying to help yourself overcoming OCD is realizing that we can't control what pops into our head. We only have control over what we do within the things that pop into our mind 

If the answer is not to stop our thought, so what do you do with the thoughts?

What we want you to do with the thoughts is to stop trying to push them away, stop replacing them, we just want the thought to be there in your head and your goals are not interfering with your day.

Over the centuries Various cultures and religions made beads from a variety of materials and sizes. It has many names Buddhist prayer beads, Worry beads, Misbaha or Malas. We specially crafted the Mudra Chain a super strong with extra smooth bead chain, each one is unique. They are specially made with different colors and a different number of beads for you to exercise and invent your own games. 

Games People Play (book)  a "good" game would be one which contributes both to the well-being of the other players and to the unfolding of the one who is "it." Since even under the best forms of social action and organization a large proportion of time has to be spent in playing games, the search for "good" ones must be assiduously pursued.